Pure Shores Poem

This is a poem I wrote with a little help from my friends for our final presentation by the “Pure Shores” group. I have tweaked it a little so it makes sense in this context. We visited Detroit, Lake Michigan, Indiana and finally Chicago. Here are our experiences in verse


Detroit has gone through huge regeneration

That’s certainly changed our prior perception

Henry ford museum was a big surprise

Some fantastic exhibits we couldn’t believe our eyes 

Rosa parks wouldn’t give up her seat

The actual bus exhibit was such a treat

John f Kennedy was shot in 64 

The actual car exhibits there with presidents cars and more

All the raw talent from Detroit streets 

Studio A was where they would meet

Hitsville USA with its Motown roots

Temptations, four tops in 2-tone suits

Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinsons’ stories were told 

From humble beginnings millions were sold 

In Ann Arbor we stayed in The Graduate 

A student themed hotel which was really great

Our tour guides had fantastic stories to tell 

They presented Michigan university ever said well 

There are some great bars in this little place

Great places for students to meet face to face

The golden sand beaches of Michigan Lake

Are really stunning and the sand isn’t fake 

The dunes are real and they’re just like the beach 

And from Chicago they are so easy to reach 

Oval Beach is in the worlds top 25 

And not the caribbean what a surprise 

Indianas national park is the most diverse 

And Pinhook bog is where we went first 

From a floating platform we saw how plants grow

Facts about carnivorous plants fascinating to know 

In Valpo we actually made front page news 

They were really interested in our views 

I’d love to recommend this place

They’re so welcoming, Valpo is ace 

At the broken wagon bison farm there were Bison big and small 

So huge, yet so cute, about 100 all in all 

Daisy the Bison was ever so sweet 

She followed the van for her little treat 


By contrast Chicago with its buildings so high

Our eyes keep looking up to the sky

And who can resist the Magnificent Mile?

The bars and restaurants will make you smile

Chicago has shopping bargains galore

Where’s my credit card, I really want more!

At Millennium Park we stopped at The Bean

One of the coolest things I’v e ever seen

No wonder Millennium Park is number one

There’s entertainment here for everyone

They say the best things in life are free

So Chicago is definitely the place to be

Would you believe such a stunning beach

Would be within such easy reach

Of Chicago’s busy enormous city

And nearby small towns are so quiet and pretty

In Chicago even without a car

With good public transport, you can go far

You can get there from the UK and Ireland many times a day

With United, American Airlines and BA





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