Did you know Detroit is the only US city which has Canada to the south? Literally across the river is Windsor, Ontario   Detroit was the original Motortown the home of Henry Ford and his friend Thomas Edison who had the original light bulb moment.

Ford and Motown are what made this city and I would recommend you spend a couple of nights here to do both.

Most of our group went on a 10 mile cycle ride along the riverbank but knowing that I’m a little less fit than I used to be I chose DIA instead. There are both classic and modern paintings by famous artists and they well classified through 3 floors and some local high school art which I found really interesting and particularly some of the posters depicting some powerful messages that we could all learn frm, but the one thing that makes this museum unique and worth a short visit are the incredible murals by Diego Riviera which depict the industrial revolution. There is so much detail in these floor to ceiling murals so you could study them for hours and keep finding little details that you didn’t notice before.

Hitsville USA, the home of Motown, was a house with humble beginnings, Berry Gordy Jr. started the Tamla and Motown labels with the raw talent from the streets of Detroit, many of whom worked for Henry Ford. Diana Ross, Jackson Five, Smokey  Robinson, The Tempations and many others started out from this house which has preserved as much of its 60’s interior as possible. The museum idea was started by Esther Gordy   Henry Ford Museum, Rouge Factory and Greenfield Village deserve at least a full day as the area is so vast and there is so much to see.    At Rouge Factory, The display of Ford cars from the 20s to the future. There is a 30’s model with a letter from Clyde Barrow of Bonnie and Clyde thanking them producing the V8 which was the car he loved to steal.

There is a 4D movie telling us about the car of the future which is pretty amazing. We walked round the Ford production which was fascinating to watch. I don’t think it’s something I’d want to do though, I’ll stick to travel!

The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation is so much more than just about cars. There are so many interesting exhibits, including JFK’s motorcade as well as those of other presidents, the actual bus where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man, an action which sparked off the civil rights movement, a Klu Klux Klan costume, the theatre chair where Abraham Lincoln sat when he was assassinated, an Oscar Meyer Wienermobile which is a hot dog shaped car, Henry Ford’s private plane and so much more!

Detroit has some good restaurants and the ones we went to were great , Granite City inside The offices of General Motors and Hop Cat where many visitors have their names scratched into the tables and which had a choice of 130 beers so to sum up Detroit, it’s all about cars, music, beer food, good museums and best of all, fun.


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