How to make the most of your business trip

If you are paying yourself, can you use Easyjet or similar low cost airline and save some money. Sometimes if you need luggage a bundle can work out cheaper than the lowest plus luggage. If your plans are likely to change

If you are paying yourself, it is also worth checking whether a package will reduce the cost of the trip as ATOL holders often have special IT air fares which have to be used with accommodation and it usually also means you don’t have to stay a Saturday night. You can also benefit from paying just a deposit if it more than 12 weeks ahead, early booking offers, free night offers etc. The exchange rate at the time of booking will apply so there are often savings on this too.

As an example I can currently do a business class return with 7 nights in Hong Kong for a single person 4* for £2600 and in Economy this would be around £1100

It is worth remembering that a Saturday night stay can also reduce the cost of your flight and staying a Sunday night is often cheaper if you stay the weekend so it might be worth extending your trip to explore the place you are visiting or else go to another nearby destination without using up your own annual leave eg conference in Zurich would give you the options of flying into another Swiss destination eg Berne, Geneva or Basle or even Milan in Italy, staying there a night or two and travelling up by train in time for the meeting. You can often use low cost airlines, rail fares or if you for instance having a meeting in one city you can use an indirect flight which allows you to stopover in one or both directions eg a meeting in Hong Kong might allow you a couple of nights in Dubai or a meeting in San Francisco might allow you a couple of nights in New York, obviously at your own to expense but still cheaper than buying an entire package to that destination from London.

Do you have airmiles or Avios points? First of you might already have enough points to cover your trip

I can arrange car hire or local flights for you as well or if your company has organised your trip and you want to extend it get your company to organise a flexible ticket or if possible get them to book you the dates you want to extend the trip, I can then organise hotels, local transport, transfers, local tourist cards, tours, and skip the line tickets for various museums for you and in some cities I can get Dine4less cards which offer up to 25% off meals.

If the conference are not supplying your hotel, as long as I have a reasonable amount of notice I can often find a cheaper hotel or apartment for you within a few minutes walk or within easy access by public transport

If it’s a conference they might already have a pre negotiated  group  rate. It is first of all worth checking this as the public rate for that hotel will probably go up. The rate for any extra nights will often be cheaper

I have special rates on airport hotels at all UK airports and if you choose one with a club lounge eg Hilton Gatwick you can then take advantage of free snacks and drinks.

If you have a frequent flyer card on let’s say BA you can use Qatar, Finnair, Cathay Pacific, American Airlines, JAL and a few other airlines to get mileage points, similarly Virgin will also allow you to travel on Delta in the USA and Star Alliance will allow combinations on United, Air Canada, Luthansa and Thai amongst others. It is worth keeping an eye on seat sales to get the best airfares and if you travel in business class you can use the airport lounge and also accumulate your own mileage points. If travelling in economy I can often book a public lounge for you so that you can work in peace and have a snack and some drinks before you go for instance No 1 Lounges are pretty good at Heathrow and Gatwick

If you have the budget for a good hotel in your destination you could book the club floor.  Most of the chain hotels and larger hotels do these. Particularly useful in Middle East and Far East destinations. You can then prepare work on your laptop and have snacks or drinks included at odd times. I have often found this useful as the club lounge is usually brighter than the room and I can work over a few drinks and a snack with reliable free wi-fi and have power points in accessible places without having to unplug the telly or the lamp.

We have the TCAPP available so that you can contact me by phone or email just at the touch of a button and you can also view all your documentation on your phone once you set up an account. It is all free of course

Buy a multi USB plug with European and US attachments, they are currently £12.99 on Amazon and that will save you plugging in one thing at a time like I did last year in Greece, lesson learnt, you can charge your smartphone and tablet at the same time without having to unplug the lamp and TV in your room

I am looking for small businesses and sole traders who need to travel regularly. Who do you know who might need my services?


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