My Favourite Destinations

I often get asked what my favourite destination is. I have been to many places and each and every one brings back its own memories and there have been very few places that I actually hated so choosing the ones I like best is really difficult. I really can’t decide on a number one so these are in Alphabetical order

Canada – Our Canada and Alaska trip was pretty amazing. We covered Alberta and BC. So clean and fresh and we found the Canadians very friendly. We would love to return to Toronto and Quebec and see Niagara and the French part of Canada

Cancun – I was pleasantly surprised how lovely Cancun is. Beautiful white sand beaches but also history and nature. What makes Cancun different is the Mayan culture which is evident along the Mayan Riviera. Tulum has the only ruins in the world that are on the beach.

Elounda – There are few places that I would return to again and again but Elounda is one of them. I now have many friends there who remember us year after year. The half mile walk from the waterfront round the bay to the Elounda Island Villas is a really lovely walk  and there are so many restaurants we still haven’t tried them all. There are some lovely little traditional villages up in the hills with spectacular views of Spinalonga and across the bay.

Grenada – I love the Caribbean and the relaxed way of life but I particularly love Grenada which still feels like the Caribbean, not too built up and the capital St George is really pretty with an interesting colonial past.

India – India is an experience. Many people say this and it really is the most chaotic but at the same time the most peaceful and spiritual place, difficult to describe what I mean, but you have to go and experience it yourself. The poorest people live next to the most lavish and beautiful palaces, not just the Taj Mahal but many other forts and palaces that we saw in Agra, Jaipur, Delhi, Kujaraho and Varanasi. The Indian people are so accepting of other religions and cultures, a great example for others to follow.

Jerusalem – I felt a special spirituality in Jerusalem. Inside the city walls, Jews, Christians, Muslims and Armenians live side by side, each have there own cultures and it makes it a really interesting place, thousands of years of history are there and it touched me in a way that I just can’t describe

Mauritius – Mauritius was a place I loved and would definitely like to return to. I was surprised how much there was to do and the delightful combination of French and Creole cooking is absolutely delicious

Paphos – I have visited Cyprus more times than any other country outside the UK. I have seen a lot of changes in Paphos and thankfully mostly for the better. It is very easy, home from home but it still has enough history and Greekness to keep going back. Last time we stayed in Coral Bay as well and it is now very much a separate resort rather than just an extension of Paphos.

Peru – My one and only visit to South America. I loved Peru, the colourful markets, the crafts, the friendliness of the people. Macchu Picchu was absolutely amazing but we also loved Puno and Lake Titicaca. We just loved the whole experience.

Queensland – Queensland is vast, almost a country in itself where rainforest meets reef. There is so much variety in Queensland. Beautiful beaches, amazing scenery, The Great Barrier Reef, Kuranda Railway, colourful birdlife, theme parks and a relaxed way of life

Singapore – My favourite city. I love the way that all the different cultures live in harmony and have all bought their own uniqueness to a clean, modern and exciting city which is so easy to get around. Some of the newer attractions are absolutely amazing

Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka is beautiful. Lots of rainforest inland and tea plantations. A colonial past and lots of UNESCO heritage makes it a really interesting place to visit

Switzerland – I could never get bored with Switzerland. Those mountains are huge and very real and the scenery is so spectacular. The air is so clean and the mix of German, French ad Italian is unique. I have done most of the classic rail journeys and covered most of the country. I particularly love Zermatt, Interlaken and Lake Lugano

Vietnam – Only a short visit to Vietnam but it was a place I really loved and I like to see it again at a more leisurely place. The food was so good and the service and standards are very high.




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