Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets have become increasingly popular all over Europe and even here in the UK. It is a great excuse for a weekend break to stock up on unusual Christmas gifts and food and drink that you won’t find on your local supermarket shelves. Many hotels have 3 nights for 2 or similar offers at this time of year so there are some great bargains

  1. Germany is probably the most well known for Christmas markets and in particular Cologne. They have at 7 in the city so wherever you decide to stay in the city there will be one nearby. Also worth a mention Nuremburg, Dresden, Stuttgart, Berlin

2. The UK

The Telegraph has a good article on the best of UK Christmas markets.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland isn’t a cheap destination, far from it, but Christmas markets tend to be more traditional and less touristy and Switzerland has that lovely snowy mountain real Christmassy feel to it

4. Austria

Austria is another country that sets the scene for a picturesque, snowy scene. Vienna has 4 Christmas markets, one of them at Schonbrunn Palace which is in itself a beautiful setting

5. Budapest

You get a lot of weekend break for your money in Budapest and you can also spoil yourself with very reasonably priced thermal baths, sadly shopping isn’t as cheap as it used to be but you can buy some very unusual and quirky gifts

6. Prague

Prague is a really pretty and romantic place to be for a traditional Christmas market feel

7. Belgium

Bruges and Ghent are very pretty little towns and both have the advantage of access to Eurostar so you don’t have to fly there

8. Spain

It doesn’t have to be cold to have a decent Christmas market. Madrid, does get deceptively cold in winter as it is at a high altitude but Barcelona stays warm all the year round and they also have a decent Christmas market

9. Denmark

Denmark often gets snow in December and Tivoli Gardens is such a picturesque scene for a Christmas market.

10. Strasbourg

Last but not least, a little more difficult to get to but worth the trip

For these and other ideas or if you’ve been to a lovely Christmas market that isn’t on the list and you think I should add it, please call me on 020 3432 4740 or email


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