Beautiful Bratislava

It is possible to fly direct to Bratislava but it is equally simple to get there by Danube River Cruise or from Vienna by bus, train or boat. We got a EURegio ticket which is valid for up to 4 days and you can use pubic transport in Bratislava included in the ticket. The train takes about an hour. We took passports but we were not required to show them.

We took the 93 bus to what we assumed was the centre as there was a sign pointing to the Castle so we got off and followed the sign to a lovely little square with beautiful fairy tale buildings. We walked through to a bigger square with more colourful buildings, a church and a little market. A really gorgeous little city with a photograph round every corner and a pleasure to just stroll around. We eventually found our way up to the castle which was only about 10 minutes walk and we had acidentally found the gentler slope up to it so the walk wasn’t too challenging. At the top there is a lovely view over the city, the river and the bridge.The castle itself includes a museum with history of Slovakia inside.

We made our way down and found St Michaels Gate which is part of the original city walls. The walls have been renovated, sadly not blending very well with the original and we found our way back to the old town square. Back there we found The Beer House which did some traditional Slovakian meals with home made bread. It was delicious.

Lastly we walked to the the Blue Church which is a distinctive and very unique building before heading back to the station.

Bratislava is really picturesque, a really pretty and walkable city. Not very big so you can walk most of it in a day. A word of warning, do not get a taxi in Bratislava, even for short distances, the taxi drivers rip you off even if it is metered so either get the bus or walk.


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