The No Fly Zone

Even in London there are places to go

Perhaps to a theme park or a theatre show

Go up to The Shard or The London Eye

Appreciate London from high up in the sky

Holiday Centres are something I do

Coach Tours, Battlefields, train travel too.

For the active amongst you, there’s hiking and biking

Is a spa weekend more to your liking?

A mini cruise for an ideal break

Self-drive or car hire you might want to take

You could opt for the Eurostar to Belgium or France

I’ll do your accommodation, don’t take a chance

Hotels, motels, and apartments

Lodges, caravans, camping in tents

Cottages, Villas and character gites

Anything virtually ‘xcept the beach or the street

Ocean and river cruises are things that I sell

Transatlantic New York I can offer as well

On inland canals I can rent you a boat

Or a yacht on the ocean sailing afloat

Rail across Europe without any stress

For ultimate luxury, Orient Express

I could even book you on a round the world cruise

Just give me a call, how could you lose?

There are so many options in the no fly zone

All over the world and closer to home

Doesn’t have to be exotic though that would be nice

Even on your own doorstep you could use my advice


For all these and many more please give me a call on 020 3432 4740 or email


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