Go eu go day 7 Monte Carlo, Nice and Cannes

I was looking forward to today as it is our wedding anniversary and these are are 3 places I’ve always wanted to go to but haven’t been

I absolutely loved Monte Carlo. There is much more to do there than I thought. Apart from the casino there is an oceanography museum, changing of the guard and some quaint alleys with souvenir shops. At 11 there is the changing of the guard daily. There are a mixture of old houses and modern skyscrapers and it is so clean and nice. The race track was just being dismantled after the Grand Prix.

I also enjoyed Nice, the long Promenade des Anglais, the pebble beach and albert1 park which has lots of flowers and art and it is a really pleasant walk. As you walk there is a cooling mist. Great idea for hot summer days.

Cannes has a sand beach. The film festival was on so Cannes was very busy, however we were happy to watch the expensive yachts in the marina from The Quays Irish bar. Overall I think I preferred Cannes to Nice but I liked both and would be happy to revisit some day.


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