Go eu go day 6 Florence and Pisa

Our hotel turned out to be an hour and a half from Florence. I really think “outside Florence” is a bit of a misrepresentation. The Tuscan countryside is lovely though. I had heard so many good things, all true.

I liked Florence a lot despite the crowds. We mostly managed to beat them as the cruse ships began to arrive about midday. One advantage that rail travel has is that I realised that our coach was parked quite a long way from the city so we lost a good 40 mins or so just walking backwards and forwards.

We started off in Piazza Signores where the is a statue of David and fabulous views of the city.

Ponte Vecchio is an odd and unique bridge. There are jewellery shops all along the bridge but the main industry here is leather. There are plenty of belts and bags but for every quality bag there is an African selling cheap copies.

From Florence, it is about an hours drive to Pisa and again the countryside is lovely. Most of us opted for the bus from coach park into the city. Pisa wasn’t at all what I expected. I hadn’t realised there are several magnificent buildings around the leaning tower as well a museum. Most people reckon half a day is enough and that’s probably true but an hour wasn’t long enough.


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  1. I would agree that about half a day in Pisa is enough bit even a whole day in Florence isn’t. I spent a week or more in January there and there was plenty to do with far fewer crowds to contend with. Lucca is also worth a visit whilst in the area and San Gimigniano is like stepping back in time.

  2. We went on a 14 day tour with Goeugo, starting with red line from Paris to Frankfurt, changeover to blue line from Frankfurt to Vienna, and then green line from Vienna back to Paris.

    On the red and blue lines, our tour manager was great, giving accurate information at the right timing and very efficient in distributing the keys each evening. The hotels are better than 3 stars and with the exception of one breakfast in Budapest, the rest gave us plenty of choice.

    In contrast, when we joined the green line in Vienna, we stayed just outside Zurich and have had to carry our luggage up two levels to get to the lobby level of the hotel. This is good compared to what we got in Venice, where we can hear “loudly” other guests flushing the toilets or having a shower. I would say the budget hotels in China are better than this 4 star hotel.

    To cap it off, we have a tour manager on the green line, who gives out information about the cities which we passed at the end of the day, at 8.15am. And he changes meeting places and times as we go along which leaves us totally confused.

    In Florence, all that the tour manager did was to take us from the disembarkation point to Drimar and left us to walk around by ourselves. Is this is a new definition of “guided walk around Florence’s many highlights” as stated in the brochure.

    The tour manager (on the green line) is also constantly appealing for small change because he has a couple kids who are about to go to college.

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