Go eu go tour day 3 Milan and Verona

Leaving lucerne just after 8am we pick up another 3 people from Lucerne railway station, so now there are 25 of us.

Driving through Switzerland is less spectacular than by train but there are still spectacular patches as we pass through 29 tunnels including the 17km gotthard tunnel from lucerne to Chiasso at the border with Italy.

We had problems getting through Milan because of hundreds of cyclists were cycling through the city and half the roads were closed to traffic. Finally we managed to get within walking distance if Piazza Duomo. Milan is a busy but quite compact city. The Duomo is as magnificent as I remember it. The piazza seems to have less pigeons but many more people. It is so busy.

The Emmanuel Vittorio shopping arcade is the worlds oldest shopping mall. It is over 100 years old. We browsed at windows full of Prada, Benetton and many other classic fashion icons. La Scala is on the other side of the shopping centre. Castillo is a little further but still doable in a day, however we only had a couple of hours before going on to Verona.

Verona is the city made famous by Romeo and Juliette. Our coach parked by the city walls. Be warned, the casa Di giulietta is a long walk. Along the city walks, past the colosseum, much smaller than Rome but nevertheless still
Impressive, there is is a pleasant little park. The shopping area is pedestrianised but extremely busy.

We heard a loud explosion which was very frightening but turned out to be a battle reenactment, phew.

Eventually we get to an alleyway covered in love messages on the walls leading up to the actual balcony which is in a tiny courtyard which manages to squeeze in a souvenir shop and stalls selling cheap tat.

We walked back to the coach. I would have liked more time in Verona

Onwards to Venice and hotel Lugano which is in an uninspiring industrial area called Mestre. We didn’t fancy going out but luckily the hotel had a decent restaurant and bar. The menu was limited but inexpensive


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