Go eu go day 2 lucerne

An early start at 8am. I gather this will be the format for the week. As an icebreaker we all asked to say where we came from and what we did. We are certainly very diverse, the oldest being in their seventies and the youngest being about eleven.

I am the only Brit, and Jim who’s Irish, the rest being from USA mostly, but originally from India and Sri Lanka, Filipino living in Canada, also Australia, Indonesia and Iraq. The tour director is Dutch of Chinese extract but lived in the USA for many years.

We spent many hours on the road today driving some 500 or so kms or 300 miles to the Swiss border and then a fairly short drive to Lucerne

We had about an hour to browse the city and apart from some loud music which we hope is a one off, it is as beautiful as I remember, the modern Concert Hall on one side of the lake and Chapel Bridge and the water tower on the other.

Lucerne still has many chocolate box buildings, a crystal clear lake that his home to many swans and of course the snow capped mountains in the background .

We always enjoy coming back here.

This time we are staying in Ibis styles which is very central. It is a nice modern hotel with safe and free wifi and flat screen TV.


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