Go EU Go Tour Day 1

Travelling on the Eurostar is so much less hassle than flying, no water restrictions, half an hour check in. Security measures are still strictly enforced of course but at least you don’t have to spend time putting toiletries in plastic bags, separating laptops and devices into different boxes and all the paraphernalia that goes with flying nowadays.

Metropolitan is the Eurostar magazine and it really doesn’t have much reading in it, but the graphics are nice and I discovered that Eurostar celebrates 20 years on 14 November this year.

Not having had much sleep I quickly dozed off and the next thing I knew I woke up to the pinging of my phone telling me I was in France.

An announcement told me that I could buy metro tickets on the Eurostar. Although it is more expensive of course, I remembered the aggravation of queuing up last time and if I have spare tickets I can send them to clients.

Our hotel is the Kyriad, located in a suburb South East of Paris . It is clean and comfortable although the rooms are tiny. The bathrooms have just been remodernised.

While sitting in the lobby downstairs we met some of our tour group. They seem to be predominantly Asian and a few Australians.


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