Monthly Minute Poem

At my networking meetings I always have to think of new and original things to say, so having written a couple of things I wasn’t too happy with, I decided to write a poem which I used at Athena on Thursday and again this morning at Fab Women. It was received very well at both meetings

Feeling creative, a poem for you
I want to describe the things that I do
A hotel in London for a night or two
Attractions and car hire, I do those too
A simple flight from A to B
for a business meeting or family to see
A package holiday to Spain or Greece
An exotic diving holiday to Belize
A birthday or anniversary to celebrate
So why not go on a weekend break?
A honeymoon to a destination of dreams
A unique hotel with quirky themes
Multi-centre and adventurous trips
I’ve travelled a lot so can give you some tips
Things like visas and health are useful to know
I have thousands of contacts wherever you go
For expert advice its money well spent
and financial protection’s a hundred percent
If you want to travel please give me a call
Leisure or business, I can do it all


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