Bucket List

Working in the industry that I do, I have been extremely lucky to have already covered a lot of my bucket list and since I have been a Travel Counsellor I seem to have had many more opportunities

So first of all thinking of those jaw dropping once in a lifetime moments

1. Taj Mahal  and northern India – You don’t see Taj Mahal until you go through the gates and it is then the sheer size of what appears in front of you, but this is just one of the most magnificent and beautiful man made structures I have ever seen with influences from so many different religions and cultures making the most wonderful variety. Structures that stand out so ostentatiously in a sea of crowds and poverty. You just cannot believe the intricate details, bejewelled inlays and carvings, the beautiful symmetrical patterns, the erotic statues of Khajuro, the abandoned city of Fatephur Sikri

2.  Machu Picchu – The steep path seems to wind and wind and wind up the mountain but with no signs that the magnificent ancient city that lies beyond.  Even when you join the throngs of tourists going through the gates there is no sign of  it.  Our guide took us past the plaques remembering Hiram Bingham, up the staircase alongside some old houses, round the corner, and there it is wow!! An entire city lies like a carpet before your very eyes just like that.  There will come a time when you will no longer be able to walk among the ruins and feel the stones so visit it while you can. The Peruvians are so welcoming and the scenery is so beautiful

3. Tulum – The only ruins in the world that are on the sea, carvings thousands of years old and reasonably well preserved considering the destructive salts from the sea. Huge iguanas are now the only occupants of these ancient dwellings and then you get down to the gorgeous white sand and crystal blue sea, beautiful

4. The Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza – Not spectacularly beautiful perhaps but the sheer scale of them is jaw dropping.  The wonder is realising just how old these pyramids are, how they built them to such precision and why they were built as tombs.

5. Glacier Bay Alaska – A day at sea is usually a pretty dull time looking for on board activities or reaching for that big, chunky book and lazing on deck, but not so in Alaska, little icebergs float like little sapphires in the sea, larger glaciers tower as far as the eye can see. Whales are plentiful. Birds nest peacefully on the little islands

6. The Matterhorn – Mountains are generally a rugged mass stretching for miles with various crags and crevices, waterfalls and patches of snow here and there. Matterhorn just seems to be the classic pointy mountain drawing seen on chocolate boxes

7. Ulva Island New Zealand – Where? A tiny island off Stewart island New Zealand, only accessible by speedboat and only occupied by birds, thousands of them. The only sound you can hear is the call of birds and the rustling of tree branches

8. The Seychelles –  The granite islands of the Seychelles are unique, beautiful white sands against a contrast of huge black granite stones

9. Anse Chastanet, Ladera, Jade Mountain and Sugar Beach – All of these have a jaw dropping view of the Pitons in St Lucia

10. Ephesus – better preserved ruins than Pompeii but probably not as well known near Kusadasi Turkey

11. Inisheer and the Cliffs of Moher – I was lucky enough to go to Inisheer on a beautiful sunny day when it was 24 degrees and the sea was calm, Inisheer at its very best. We were lucky enough to sail right at the base of the Cliffs of Moher. Truly memorable

12. Pompeii – Not as well preserved as I imagined but the colours of the frescoes are still bright and the whore houses clearly marked, very weird

13. The salt pans at Maras Peru – Salt pans stretched out like a patchwork quilt, awesome

14. Kuranda Railway Queensland Australia

Places still on my bucket list

1. South Africa

2. Sri Lanka

3. Thailand

4. Borneo

5. Malaysia

6. Vietnam

7. Chile

8. More of Australia

9. Niagara Falls

10. Iguassu Falls

11. Zambia and Victoria Falls

12. St Vincent and the Grenadines

13. Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly

14. Madagascar

16. Safari in Kenya

17. Tanzania

18. Costa Rica

What is still on your bucket list? It may be affordable and doable than you think. Let me try and achieve your dreams. Contact me and let’s discuss it 020 3432 4740 or email Cathie.odea@travelcounsellors.com



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