Travel Counsellors Monopoly Challenge


Five of my colleagues came up with the crazy idea of visiting every square on the London Monopoly Board for charity. Possibility became a done deal and they shook hands by the end of the night. They chose Cancer Research after all all of us have been affected by cancer and have lost a close friend or a family member. Initially they wanted to do this by public transport but a couple of them are serious walkers and then it developed into a sponsored walk with a twist.

A group of Travel Counsellors decided to take on the challenge of covering the Monopoly Board (Approx 15 miles) on foot in one day

Boot Claire Bottone her boots were made for walking and that’s just what they did….,

Top Hat Neil Mewes our only guy and the tallest. he seemed to know where he was going, so we followed him around London. He wore his best suit , a top hat, a cane and an assortment of false moustaches

Boat Claire Horne was all at sea because she had to sit with Neil on the train early tomorrow morning on their journey from home to the Old Kent Road. She wore a sailor hat and a boat

Iron Gillian Davis wore a headscarf and an iron and felt a bit down at heel in her flat trainers

Dog Debbie Crampton had an interesting dalmatian outfit complete with barking nose, ears and a tail . Her bark was worse than her bite….

The pieces were carried about the person at all times., the group visited each square featured on the Monopoly Board have Photographic evidence of their visit. The day was challenging, but a lot of fun and they still hope to raise a great deal of money for Cancer Research UK.

On 11th July they launched their Facebook page which includes the Just Giving like for a donation on Just Giving but if you could at least visit, like and share their page they would be thrilled

They would like to thank their sponsors for their time and generosity, Rail Tour Guide , Jewel Resorts Dunns River in Jamaica, Lux Resorts who have a collection of hotels in the Indian Ocean, Fancourt on the Garden Route in South Africa represented by Ethos Marketing in the UK, , Elounda SA in Crete, Abama in Tenerife, Bluebay Beach in Zanzibar and Shanti Maurice in Mauritius for their generosity . For futher information and to book any of these, please contact any of the walkers, myself or your regular or local Travel Counsellor. These are all amazing hotels in beautiful locations and Rail Tour Guide who are normally more used to arranging interesting rail journeys all over the world

Intrigued by this ambitious and fun attempt to raise money for this worthy cause I have volunteered to meet and tweet along the way and document their day with photographic evidence at each of the 22 streets, 4 stations, Utilities, income Tax, Go, Chance, Community Chest, Just Visiting, Go to Jail and Free Parking.

Lesley and I walked around 5 miles miles of the route and I photographed all except Whitechapel for them (they took their own at Whitechapel) I also missed them at Angel as we stopped in McDonalds in Chapel Market for tea so my photo at Angel only has Lesley in it. Again they took their own to prove they were there but we caught up with them in Pentonville Road

On googling, I discovered that this has been done before on a well trodden pub crawl route, however it doesn’t seem to have been done in aid of charity

I used public transport in a carefully coordinated alternative route with a one day travelcard involving 7 tubes, 7 buses and a 5 mile walk and I met them at most of the stops to meet and tweet, take photos, share their experiences, laughs, tears, blisters and a few beers

Please offer you support by donating even a small amount, it all adds up, sharing the facebook page, tweet, shout from the rooftops so they can reach and hopefully smash their target of £10,000 for Cancer Research. To date donations have reached almost £4000

Cancer Research supported them with balloons and sashes, and inflatable clappers.

Thank you to the people of London for supporting us along the route and in particular the Police along the way who were good humoured and offered us plenty of moral support and good wishes and participated in the “arrest” handcuffing of Debbie for impersonating a dog. Debbie seemed to enjoy this?

We packed our bags with some very strange and interesting items such as large foam hands, monopoly board, laminated monopoly money, plasters, balloons from Cancer Research, stickers, maps, Monopoly houses, a 1939 football rattle. i’m sure if any of you were out and about you must have spotted a man in a top hat and a cane followed by a dog, an iron, an old boot and a sailor and the support team, myself with the camera and Lesley carrying my bag and a monopoly board

We managed to stick almost to the minute on schedule with some minor variations which I have amended below

1. Old Kent Road Surgery – I was the first to arrive at around 0840, the walkers arrived shortly after

2. Just visiting Traitors Gate Tower of London. They got there before me as the 42 bus is apparently infrequent

3. Fenchurch Street sponsored by Rail Tour Guide. Only a short walking distance from Tower of London

4. Whitechapel Station (I went straight to Liverpool Street and rejoined the walkers there)

5. Bishopsgate entrance Liverpool Street sponsored by Rail Tour Guide, here we picked Lesley up and the walkers grabbed some quick refreshments. Debbie was handcuffed by a good humoured policeman

6. Community Chest the Venus Statue, Broadgate Circle (this went wrong as it was surrounded by hoardings, plan B was found in Berkeley Square) Neil looked very dejected

7. Angel Station, McDonald stop in Chapel market

8. Pentonville Road, Angel end opposite side of the road.

9. Platform 0 Kings Cross sponsored by Rail Tour Guide (we chanvged this to 9 3/4 but this had a long queue and they would not allow us to queue jump so please excuse the makeshift side view)

10. Euston Road outside St Pancras Station

11. Super Tax HMRC building Euston Tower opp Warren Street Station, running late at this point but we also found a lottery stand outside a newsagent (Chance) again hampered by roadworks

12. Marylebone sponsored by Rail Tour Guide (we made up time here so stopped for Munchies in M&S)

13. Oxford Street sponsored by Fancourt outside Selfridges

14. Bond Street Station sponsored by Jewel Dunns River

15. BMW showroom Park Lane sponsored by Lux Resorts . Here we met Lisa from LUX resorts

Alternative Electric Company generator in Berkeley Square but we still passed Ryness in Fleet Street so we have two

16 May Fair hotel Stratton Street, Mayfair sponsored by Abama Tenerife

17. Liberty corner Regent Street/Great Marlborough Street

18. Lippy and loo stop in O’Neill’s Carnaby Street

19. John Snow Pub and water pump Broadwick Street (Waterworks)

20. Vine Street

21. Whole Foods Glasshouse Street (Free Parking at least for 2 hours at Whole Foods Picadilly)

22. Eros, Piccadilly sponsored by Shanti Maurice

23. Coventry Street

24. Outside Odeon Leicester Square sponsored by Blue Bay Zanzibar, this ended up being a much needed liquid refreshement stop in Moon under Water (alternative waterworks) Sophie from Planet Resorts bought drinks, sat down for quick training session on Planet Destinations and walked with us to the end

25. corner of Haymarket/ Pall Mall where we met our colleague Sophie Bayo who lives in Spain but was visiting London and came to meet us

26. Nelsons Column, Trafalgar Square

27. Whitehall

28. Northumberland Avenue

29. Strand

30. Bow Street

31. Royal Courts of Justice (Go to Jail)

32. Ryness Fleet Street (Electric Light Company)

34. The Tipperary (Income Tax) and yes it was a long way, 15 miles roughly!!

Please keep revisiting this page for updates. I hope you followed hash tag #tcmonch during the day


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