Who are my customers?

This is something I often get asked.

Well to say anyone would not be an exaggeration, even though not everyone travels

How can this be?

Well my answer would be that if you don’t travel, you definitely know someone that does , in fact the first person that refers someone to me that subsequently books, will receive a gift for doing so

I literally have no idea who my next customer will be or where the will come from but many of them come from word of mouth referrals and from business networking which has definitely been a worthwhile investment

Although I do have a few clients who want a bog standard 1 or 2 week package holiday, most of those would normally book through a high street agent so I tend to get those wanting a more flexible arrangement or a multi centre holiday and want the more personal and time consuming service that I provide

Recent enquiries and bookings have included clients that I would expect such as honeymoon couples, empty nesters, business travellers, coach tours, families, stag and hen parties,incentive groups, disabled travellers

More unusual ones have included a lady shopping for shoes, where to find volcanoes for a 60th birthday, a blind lady travelling on her own around Europe, a family looking for a jungle experience in Malaysia, a self dive tour of Namibia, extended wedding invitation trips, a lady looking for small village off the beaten track experiences in Japan, bits of gap year adventure trips, tailor made rail journeys, unusual city breaks such as Valencia, Gdansk, Carcassone or Lucca and many, many more. I do enjoy doing these as in doing so I can also learn a great deal about the destination if it is somewhere I haven’t experienced myself and it has often led to a subsequent future visit



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