Be Realistic

Like any other industry, travel comes in peaks and troughs and according to customer demand

To take a different example, a new laptop. First of all you can assume that a 2013 Mac or a hewlett packard with Windows 8 will definitely cost more than last years Dell with windows 7. You can also assume that the Dell will be reduced further after Christmas

So why is the Mac or Windows 8 more expensive? Firstly it is better quality, secondly it has more content and thirdly it is in high demand. People want the latest gadgets with the highest specifications so it is very much a case of supply and demand

Similarly the amount you would expect to pay for an iPhone 5 now is far less than it would have been last year

So what is the point of this blog? It is to demonstrate that demand is higher in the school holidays so like it or not prices will be higher at peak times, pretty much as London Underground charge more before 9.30am. To encourage people to travel with less urgency off they give an off peak deal which helps to spread the load .

In the case of airlines they run at a loss for most of the year but they do have a peak fare structure to offset the off peak losses so you can expect to pay £900 to Miami in August, £300 to Spain or £500 to Greece or Turkey so unfortunately it works out that the places that have cheaper accommodation in peak months will also have the highest air fares. It is therefore unrealistic to expect a 4* all inclusive to be less than around £750 for a week in August. Despite this I have list count of the number of times I have been given a budget of under £500 and so have many of my colleagues.

I was given a budget of £3000 for 4* -5* all inclusive for 4 adults and 3 children for 7 mights. Of course this was impossible but I still felt it was a failure on my part to fulfill that clients expectations. In the end she booked 5 nights self catering instead and then proudly announced it was cheaper. Of course it was!

There are still many holidays left for August and September 2013. As you have realistic expectations I should be able to find something


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