Dubrovnik and Cavtat

Dubrovnik arport isn’t very far from the city which is only a short distance, but traffic is very heavy so the journey takes much longer than you would expect. There is a bus literally outsidethe terminal building that meets all scheduled flights and is much cheaper than the taxi. The bus arrives at Pile Gate which is the busier side of the walled city

We were staying at the other side of the city near Ploce gate. Walking between the two gates is about a 15 minute stroll. Inside the walls is car free so it a pleasure to wander round, however it is best to do so late in the afternoon when the cruise ship passengers go back for dinner. It is also lovely at night and everything is open very late

The medieval walled city isn’t that big but after seeing the main landmarks and medieval architecture within the beautifully preserved city walls, the fountain, the church and the clock, there is still a labyrinth of alleyways and staircases to explore and you can lose yourself in many colourful shops, restaurants, bars, interesting museums and art galleries.

Dubrovnik has a very wide choice of local and international restaurants from Pizzerias and pub grub to gourmet cuisine and prices are reasonable or try one of the bakeries for a delicious lunchtime snack

Although Dubrovnik is quite hilly, there is a pedestrian walkway on the Ploce gate side and the climb is reasonably gentle. Sitting outside on the balcony of our hotel overlooking the walled city is picture postcard beautiful and particularly so in the evening when the sun is setting.

On one of our walks on the Pile side we found a lovely park overlooking the sea going towards Lopud. This was a little haven away from the tourists and as a bonus there was a group of swordsmen practising their routine possibly for some sort of medieval banquet show.

Further afield from Dubrovnk, there are many possible day trips, the most popular one being Medjugorje and Mostar in Bosnia and Kotor in Montenegro. We wanted to revisit Montenegro having stayed there around 15 years ago. The customs clearance for these day trips are quite time consuming so it took us about 3 hours to go a short distance across the border. We spent a pleasant couple of hours in the sun in Kotor which is another walled city and well worth a visit, then we went back to Sveti Stefan where we stayed before. You can only see it from the top of the hill now but it was nice to reminisce. We then revisited Budva which I loved 15 years ago but we barely recognised the old Budva. It is a pleasant enough resort even now but it lacks the village charm that I fell in love with back then

It is possible to get to Cavtat easily by number 10 bus for a pleasant half a day if you are staying in Dubrovnik and there are other little resorts such as Mlini that are accessible by local bus

Our hotel was just outside Cavtat about 15 mins stroll, walking along the pleasant waterfront into the village of Cavtat itself. Prices in Cavtat are pretty much as they are in Dubrovnik but the bars and restaurants on the way are much cheaper. There are regular boats into Dubrovnik and Elefanti Island

Cavtat is a pretty little village, very hilly with a tiny market, a little church and plenty of restaurants. It is built round a little harbour so it is lovely just to sit by the waterfront and people watch or watch the boats and planes coming in.

Cavtat is just minutes from the airport so we were able to have a leisurely lunch and leave just before 3pm for our evening flight

Duvrovnik is a stunning city and one I would definitely return to. As a city break it is very relaxing and only a short flight from London. There is a lot to do in Dubrovnik so you could easily spend a week or so there. Croatians are very friendly and obliging and most speak good English as well as French  and German.


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