Mixing Business with Pleasure

I’m not talking of office romances but how to mix a business trip with a leisure trip. I have noticed that this is becoming a trend, either to add a few days on to a business trip or to arrange some business whilst on a leisure trip

I will highlight some of the actual examples I have had to show how easy it is to successfully combine and enjoy a little bit of cocktail mixing

Gift Wrapped – On a weekend break to Budapest my clients arranged for a parcel to be delivered with some famous Hungarian mud and spa products

The New York Rendezvous – Husband goes to California, wife meets him in New York for a few days of serious retail therapy

Allo, Allo – A regular client doing some business in Berlin adds a weekend in Paris at the end of her business trip

Singapore Sling – Wife doing a business trip in Singapore, also meeting her cousin in Singapore and her husband in Borneo for a week of hiking and orang utans

Sale and Sail – A client combines working in New York with a mini cruise

Goulash special – A few days in Eastern Hungary is the perfect combination with a short train ride and a business trip in Budapest

Happy Snappy – A photographer client used to add a few days sightseeing to his business trips

Irish Rover – After the family clan gathering in Ennis add a couple of days in Galway to enjoy music and oysters or take in the culture of Limerick city , easy to do by local bus or car hire

Highland Fling – Beautiful Loch Lomond after a business meeting in Glasgow

Play n’ Stay – A game of rugby followed by a weekend in Blackpool and another with a relaxing weekend in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales

London Life – A business trip in the Midlands followed by sightseeing in London and a theatre show

There are endless possibilities anywhere in the world to combine business with pleasure, thereby saving holiday leave and costs, enhancing your business trip to make it more enjoyable or to make your leisure trip profitable by doing a little business although you do sometimes have to be careful of visa issues if you only have a visitors visa.


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