Getting ready for the New Year – Top tips

1.  Has your passport got more than 6 months left on it, if not time to renew

2. Is your yearly insurance still valid?

3. Have you any pre-existing medical conditions? You must declare these. I had several clients this year who did not and had their claims turned down

3. Going to the States? You will need to update your ESTA using this link

4. Going to Southern Africa? You must make sure you have a clear double page spread left in your possport

5. Are your innoculations up to date?

6. Booking early will generally get you the cheapest prices, the best flight times and a chance to spread the cost. If you are booking for school holidays early booking is essential

7. Remember that Travel Counsellors offers financial protection on everything we book and I will issue an ATOL certificate on all package and flight plus bookings. I am available at a time and place to suit you in the London area, and offer over 40 years experience in the travel industry

I wll be around today and tomorrow to help you with your holiday. plans and then from Boxing Day onwards. Just call on 0845 058 7458 or 020 7792 2596


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