Should the UK lift the liquids ban?

I saw an article recently. UK airports are resisting the liquids ban because they say their machines are not sophisticated enough yet to detect explosives in the liquids

Many countries have been able to lift the ban

The whole liquid ban was due to a lone nutter, as the shoe bomber made it necessary to check shoes and then another nutter tried to hide explosives in his underwear. The point is that no system is completely infallible and a determined nutter will find another way to exploit the system

I can quite understand and fully support vigilance in security and as much as it is a nuisance I know it is for my own peace of mind

However I honestly believe that the main reason for the resistance to lifting the ban is the staggering amount of money that is made from sales of water at UK airports. It is almost always sold as a pair and with a hefty profit. On average a bottle of water is £1.50 multiply that by the amount of large percentage of departing passengers and the result is a lot of extra revenue for airport shops.

Another point that has been missed is what happens to all the water that is thrown away? We are in a drought situation. Couldn’t the water be used for toilets, watering plants, industrial use etc. most departing passengers throw away a quarter of a bottle of water so that is a signicant amount of wasted water. Water is a precious commodity and very scarce in many parts of the world.

What do you thnk?


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