Event management

On several occasions I have been to a lovely location but the format is completely wrong for the chosen venue

This week really highlighted the importance of choosing the right venue for the format of the evening and vice versa

I went to a small venue with round tables and covered chairs with only limited space in between. One would then expect a sit down evening to be appropriate, however being told that the format would be speed networking and a buffet we knew that this would be a disaster. Unfortunately this did prove to be the case as hundreds of people weaved through tables every 5 minutes and then the buffet was a free for all. It could have been a really good evening if it was properly managed

I attended another function in a building which echoed and too many people were invited, however this was a large building with plenty of space and I have been to this building before and speed networking is perfect for this venue, and I would have learnt far more, however the evening was a free for all of loud chatter which didn’t help the exhibitors or the visitors.

I went to another function some time ago where the lighting was completely wrong for a quiz night format and would have suited a presentation format better. They did learn from that and the next one was a vast improvement

I went to an event last night orgasnised by a well established travel event company and this was a sit down dinner in several meze type courses with a presentation sandwich which was perfect. We had an enjoyable evening and we learnt a lot about Egypt. Generally I enjoy the themed evenings as it really helps with the atmosphere and to learn about the destination. Peru, Chile and Cyprus are three that were particularly memorable

The point of these events is to educate us and create business. To do this it is vital that numbers are limited to a manageable level and to make sure that the venue is chosen for the format rather than practical or cost reasons

Choosing a good speciast event organiser is money well spent as it does avoid these problems. A good organiser will advise an appropriate venue and advise what format would work


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