Saint Lucia

This was my third visit to the beautiful island of St Lucia but the first time I had been on holiday rather than racing round hotels, so unusually for us we spent a week totally relaxing. The Caribbean is perfect for this as time slows down and after a day or two, the hustle and bustle of London life seems a lifetime away.

St Lucia has large areas of rainforest so the island is very lush and very pretty with abundant birdlife. This does mean that the rainfall is higher than most of the other islands but there is also plenty of sunshine to enjoy between the showers. So much work has been done to improve tourism, more flights and a better infrastructure. There are many new luxury hotels on the island and most of the existing ones have had a facelift so even if you have visited St Lucia before, it is time to come back

After a smooth Virgin flight direct to Hewanora airport in the south west near Vieux Fort, it is a good hour drive to Jalousie Plantation, our home for the first two nights. Jalousie lies between the Pitons on a beautiful white sand beach on a calm turquoise Caribbean sea in the South West. We had a gorgeous villa way up on the hillside, right in the heart of lush rainforest surrounded by nature. Soufriere only a very short cab ride away and it is also very close the Diamond Botanical Gardens and Waterfall, so although it seems quite isolated, civilization is close enough.

The next seven nights were at the busier north west of St Lucia at the edge of the capital Castries. As Rendezvous is on the Atlantic, the sea can be quite rough but good for watersports.

We only did one trip and that was the Skyride, in an area of rainforest only about 20 minutes from Castries. The aerial tram ride looks quite scary if you don’t like heights or cable cars, but it is so smooth and slow so even though you are between 80 and 120 feet above ground for an hour, it is actually very relaxing and not scary at all. It is guided so you learn about the rainforest and the flora and fauna. The perspective coming back is totally different from a different height and facing the other way, We thoroughly enjoyed this and would recommend it.

At the end of our holiday we treated ourselves to a helicopter transfer from Castries in the north to Hewanorra in the south, a 12 minute journey which is a fantastic thrill experience, and a chance to see the rainforest, the mountains and the east coast and get to the airport so much quicker than by road


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