James Bond Locations

I was asked to do a one minute presentation on the theme of James Bond for BNI so it made sense to do this on movie locations and also think about those I have already visited or would like to

I did know about Her Majesty’s Secret Service as Piz Gloria revolving restaurant near Interlaken proudly announces on their napkins that the film used the stunning panoramic scenery for that film. What I didn’t know was that Estoril was also used in the film

Octopussy brings back very recent memories of Jag Mandir in Udaipur in India, a reminder of all those extravagant palaces that I saw just a week ago in India and Berlin was also featured in the film

For Your Eyes Only was inspired by the Seychelles and there is an Ian Fleming Suite in the Hilton Northolme in Mahe but it was actually filmed in Corfu! Goldeneye is a small luxury hotel which was the former home of 007 author Ian Fleming and the inspiration for his novels. Many film scenes were filmed in Jamaica but not Goldeneye!

The film with the most countries in its locations numbering 8 countires is the new Casino Royale filmed in Prague, Lahore, Uganda, Madagascar, The Bahamas, Miami, Montenegro, Venice and Lake Como. This is closely followed by Quantum of Solace (Siena, London, Haiti, Austria, Italy, Bolivia and Russia and The Living Daylights (Gibraltar, UK, Slovakia, Tangier, Vienna, Afghanistan and Pakistan) and Goldeneye

You would be forgiven for thinking that from Russia with Love was filmed in Russia. In fact in was filmed in Zagreb and Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia and also Turkey and Italy. Of course Venice is easily recognisable in the film, however a View to a Kill was filmed in Siberia which is in Russia as well as Paris and San Francisco in the same film

Another one that is instantly recognisable in The Spy Who Loved Me is the Pyramids of Giza, the only surviving wonder of the world. Also in the film are Cairo, Luxor, the Nile, Sardinia, the Austrian Alps and Scotland

I’m sure most of you would also have recognised Hong Kong and perhaps Bangkok in The Man With the Golden Gun but perhaps you may not have recognised Beirut in the same film

Another one you would easily recognise in Live and Let Die is New York and perhaps New Orleans but Jamaica was also featured in that film

Moonraker was mostly filmed in Brazil, an up and coming tourist destination for the UK as it offers so much diversity

If you want to visit any of James Bond locations this can easily be arranged whether you fly in economy or even by private jet like James Bond himself.


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