It was a long 5 hour car journey from Delhi with just a short stop at a cafe/shop but in a comfortable Toyota innova on a road riughly equivalent to an A road in the UK it wasn’t that bad and the colorful lorries that you pass as well as tiny people carrying huge weights on their heads, mopeds passing by with ladies in saris on the back sitting side saddle without fear of falling off, hand painted signs on small businesses provided us with enough interest to make our journey pass quickly

The closer you get to Jaipur a host of animals, cows, goats, elephants, camels and buffalo join in the general chaos of traffic

Our home for the next two nights was the trident hotel in Jaipur which proved to be the best of the hotels we stayed at, really relaxed with nice gardens and a pool which is covered by a net. This is an important feature as there are many pigeons.

Jaipur is called the pink city because most of the buildings are pink or of light terra cotta

Our guide was Aloc who was very knowledgable. His first mission was to take us to Raj Mandir which claims to be the best cinema in India. We saw a comedy film in Hindu but set in London which was quite weird and although quite long at over two and a half hours it was quite enjoyable. Indian Rputes treated us to Pepsi and popcorn at the interval.

The next day we had an early start to amber fort. We decided against riding by elephant preferring to just go by car. We visited maharajah city palace inlaid with tiny mirrors

We were then taken to a carpet and textile factory. It was interesting to see how these were made but we did get a little fed up with showrooms by the end of the week as there was always an expectation to buy and we felt uncomfortable declining

Our next stop was Jantar Mantar, the astronomical museum with futuristic sundials accurate to 2 seconds. Although this is centuries old it still looks like a seventies futuristic movie set

We stopped at Surabhi, a restaurant in Old Amber Road. I chose Bindi Masala which was lovely

After a leisurely afternoon and a welcome swim in the hotel pool we ordered a Thali in the award winning hotel restaurant Jal Mahal

We liked Jaipur. It was still very busy with traffic but it had character


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