Before we reached Agra we had a stop at Fatephur Sikri, the abandoned city. Although built in 16th century in red sandtone it is incredibly well preserved

Agra is most famous for Taj Mahal which needs no introduction but Agra has many other secrets to offer

We quickly checked into Trident Agra which was fine and the food was good

Taj mahal is closed on Friday so we had to visit at sunset on Thursday, but it’s a nice time to visit when the white marble turns to yellow in the fading light . It is only open from sunrise to sunset. Taj mahal took 22 years to build with white marble and inlaid precious stones and it is was built purely as a mausoleum to his wife. Everything is exactly symmetrical except for shah jahan’s grave which overlooks that of the wife that he loved enough to build such an extravagant mausoleum

The following morning we stopped at Agra Fort which was also impressive

We also stopped at Itimad Ud Daula which is locally known as Baby Taj. It is also made of white marble but instead of jeweled inlay it has different colour marbles carved and inlaid

Crossing the river Yamuna we saw a herd of buffalo

Taj mahal takes your breath away because of its sheer size and also that it cannot be seen until you walk through the entrance gates unless you have a high floor of a local hotel

Agra itself isn’t a particularly attractive town but there is so much to attract the visitor apart from Taj Mahal

Our next stop involved getting a train from Agra Cantt which is some distance from the city. We were shown the right platform and waited for the train to Jhansi where we were to be picked up by another driver

The train was quite high so would be a problem for the elderly and disabled. A small thin porter carried our heavy luggage On his head and placed it on a spacious overhead luggage rack above our heads (take note Virgin trains) The train was comfortable and air conditioned but of a lesser standard than you would expect in the uk however first class did include food and drink

If you would like to know more about Agra please call 0845 058 7458 or email




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