From the time we arrived in Delhi on 9th April we had a really packed itinerary which was provided by Indian routes

Indian routes were highly efficient with comfortable cars and excellent guides throughout

One small point though is to have a night in Delhi beforehand . We were not in a position to do this so after just 2 hours sleep on Qatar airways we had to have a quick shower before facing the complete chaos of Delhi which is a free for all for cars buses lorries and tuk tuks. Delhi is a complete shock to the system and I am a Londoner used to busy traffic.

The new indira gandhi airport at Delhi Is modern and very efficient, immigration was thorough but also very quick and we were soon met by the representative from indian routes who took us to maidens where we were to spend our first night, but first, a day of sightseeing

Our first stop was jama masjid the largest mosque in Asia. This was the first of many places we were to discover that a pocketful of small change is essential for tips, porters, looking after shoes, buying slippers, porters, toilet attendants etc. most are happy with a 10 rupee note which is about 12p. TIP bring your own socks or hotel slippers which are also acceptable. The ones they sell you come from a hotel anyway. Jamal masjid also has a camera fee of 200 each. This proved to be more expensive than most. Jamal masjid was indeed large but not as ornate as many of the temples we see later on

We got a rickshaw round the narrow streets of old Delhi which was terrifying.

On to new Delhi which was a total contrast, modern and very colonial. Lord Mountbatten was the last viceroy of India and occupied the palace on his visits.

We ate lunch at Waves restaurant which was very nice, clean and fairly new. In the afternoon we visited Quran minar which was definitely the most impressive thing we saw in Delhi. This is the tallest red brick tower in the world.

We should have also visited humanism tomb but we were just too tired to appreciate it. All we needed to do was sleep.

We did have a photo stop at Baha’i the Sikh temple that looks a little like Sydney opera house

An exciting but very tiring day


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