Peru at the zoo

I was looking forward to Peru at the Zoo. First of all Peru is such a fascinating destination and a country I will be visiting later in the year, my first ever adventure to South America.

The evening was organised by Debbie of Destination Representation and Cox and Kings. These promotions are always in amazing venues and are always very rich in destination and image content.

This evening was called Peru at the zoo because it was at London Zoo. As it was a beautiful evening and the hottest March for over 50 years I decided to stroll through Regents Park from Baker Street to enjoy the water bird life and spring flowers.

These evenings are always thematic so after stroking Perry the llama, we enjoyed pisco sours, lime and salsa onion salad which was very refreshing and other peruvian dishes

Peru is such a huge and diverse country so full of ancient culture and natural beauty from the highest mountains to the lowest canyons and the unique flora and fauna of the amazing Amazon rainforest

Macchu Picchu is of course one of the must sees before you die, not only to see the amcient Inca vilkage, but also the bigger picture is the stunning scenery for miles around. You can either take a 3 day trek or go by train. I will be going the easy way

The incas also left Pyramids and the nasca lines Which can be seen from the air but not advised as there are currently safety issues on these flights. Cox and kings do these by coach and there is a high point from which these can be seen

The best time to visit Peru tends to April to October. The Amazon is hot and humid year round and Lima tends to be misty but the nights are cold at high altitude

There are currently no direct flights from the UK which is a shame but there are good connections through Europe to Lima. Peru has a good network of trains and domestic flights to cover this vast country.

Most first time visitors really only have time to cover the highlights of the south Lima. Sacred Valley, Cusco, Macchu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Arequipa. It would take several visits to cover even a brief glimpse of all the different facets that Peru has to offer

A second time visitor would perhaps concentrate on the Amazon rainforest, and see the monkeys, the birds and the tree frogs, with maybe a few days relaxation on one of the better beaches in the north or for the more adventurous a challenging hike up the Andes

If you have more time, Peru combines really well with Bolivia, Ecuador, chile and Easter Island

Coz and Kings have a great deal of expertise in Latin America and they will help me put together an amazing itinerary either from their exciting selection of brochured itineraries or they can offer a private tailor made tour

If you are interested in Peru or Latin America please give me a call on 0845 058 7458


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