Four seasons evening

Four Seasons promotion was held in Four Seasons Park Lane, close to Hard Park Corner

The first Four Seasons I went to see was in Prague. This is in three buildings each with different styles some classic and some modern to suit all tasted. Four Seasons is right by Charles Bridge and some rooms have a castle view as well . Also represented in Eastern Europe was Four Seasons Budapest and the new Four Seasons in St Petersburg was mentioned too

The next one I went to see was the fabulous Bora Bora with its overwater bungalows, this property also has a fabulous offer book 7 nights and have two free nights in either of the Los Angeles properties

I managed to see both of the Los Angeles properties and both are very different, The Beverly is classic and the Los Angeles is more modern

I managed to catch up with Sara and was able to thank her for arranging my stay at Seychelles which I can say is absolutely stunning. Sara also represents FourcSeasons Mauritius and Maldives

Two of the properties in Italy were represented Milan and Florence. Both look amazing and in classic Italian style

Another interesting property was near Cannes in France. This is in a lovely location with a golf course and there is a kids club for 2 and over

We also had the most wonderful buffet dinner, typical of the wonderful cuisine you can expect from Four Seasons with offerings from Asia and Mediterranean

Four Seasons properties are very special and all unique with features to suit the areas that they are in. The service is amazing too and I would happily recommend any of their propeties

If you would like to find out more please call 0845 058 7458


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