St Valentines Day

We talk about love on Valentine’s Day
We think of romantic weekends away
Or imagine yourselves on an exotic beach
Sipping a fancy cocktail each
Some will go further and propose
In this a leap year, anything goes,
Speaking of weddings there’s so much to plan
Better get that honeymoon sorted as soon as you can
No two couples ideas are the same
Helping you choose wisely is my aim
For some its two weeks of relaxation and tanning
For others it takes weeks of clever planning
Some are simple enough to arrange
Some have ideas that are wacky and strange
The honeymoon registry can be set up for you
You get a honeymoon box and your own webpage too
With you own invitations you send out the cards
Guests pay online, its really not hard
They can choose how much to pay
As a wedding gift to help you on your way
So for a honeymoon completely stress free
Think Travel Counsellors, Cathie O’Dea


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