Bill Posters Will Be Band

This is a slightly unusual suggestion of something different that you might want to do in London while visiting. On the first Thursday of every month from 8.30pm until 11pm with two shorts intervals, Bill Posters Will Be Band perform and entertain at The Bull’s Head in Barnes.

Bill Posters Will Be Band are a comedy jazz band reformed from Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band (later Bonzo Dog Band) and Temperance Seven.

With the aid of props which include Prince Charles and Camilla rubber masks, coat hangers, dustbin lids, huge sponge hands, ventriloquist dummies and various silly hats, Bill Posters Will Be Band manage to get away with the oldest gags on earth but this is a very unusual performance. There is plenty of pantomime style audience participation and with their combined musical talents, they can play anything from the fairly normal piano, violin, drums and saxophone to the extremely wacky such as spoons and coat hangers this performance is well worth seeing

Our first introduction to this very talented and entertaining band was the private performance for our daughter’s wedding. Last Thursday we went to seem them in their usual venue. Next door is the Italian chain Strada so we began with our dinner there before going on to the Bull’s Head, or you can have a Thai meal in The Bull’s Head itself

Drinks are pricey at The Bull’s Head but at least Fullers Brewery do a decent drop of ale which you can enjoy while watching the band

On a summer evening you can combine this with a walk round Barnes Common which has a duck pond and a proper village atmosphere and stroll around the nearby quirky shops and galleries, and yet it is only 15 or 20 mins from Hammersmith on a 209, 283 or 419 bus or less than 10 minutes walk from Barnes Bridge railway station which you can get to easily from Waterloo, Vauxhall, Richmond or Clapham Junction


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