Travelling round Italy

Italy has made a big comeback as it has so much to offer, cities, culture, countryside, beaches, gastronomy and so much more. 

The question is how to see it all which leads to the driving v public transport debate

If you are thinking of going to Italy this summer, book your flights now, Taxes are high from Heathrow but you can go from Luton or Gatwick with Easyjet very cheaply by thinking ahead. If you leave until the last minute your £25 flight will go right up to over £300 

The cities at Milan, Rome, Florence and Pisa and Naples are all well served by both airports and railway stations so travelling between any of these is best done by train which is very cheap, even in first class

Venice is a little more complicated as there are no cars on Venice Island itself. You should there by flight or train and then get a boat to your hotel from there. Driving there means parking in Plaza Roma or staying near the port or on the Venetian Riviera instead

Where areas have no rail network, getting to them can be fiddly, unreliable and very expensive for example getting from Naples to Sorrento is simple as there is a new commuter railway but getting from Naples to anywhere else on the Amalfi Coast is much more complicated

If you are staying at the Italian lakes, the Tuscan countryside, the Neapolitan Riviera, anywhere in the South East or the islands of Sicily or Sardinia you should consider hiring a car as none of these areas are well served by public transport 

The best solution if you are combining these areas with a city is to collect the car from a central location at the end of your stay rather than hiring a car from the airport. eg 3 nights in Florence then hire the car to drive to Tuscany taking it back to the airport at the end of your stay

If you do decide to drive, you need to bear in mind that parking isn’t free in Italian hotels and charges can be high so you should allow another £20 a day on average 

I can help you weigh up all these things and in fact I am currently doing a few of them for various clients 

If you need help with planning your multi-centre holiday to Italy, please contact me on 0845 058 7458 or email cathie.odea@trav



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