Doctor Who Experience

Although Doctor Who Experience has been at Olympia for almost a year due to end in February, it took a visit from my grandchildren and a half price special offer from Living Social Deals to prompt me into going

Olympia part of Earls Court is between Hammersmith and Kensington in London and it is close enough for me to walk or otherwise very convenient for public transport with an Underground and Overground station (Kensington Olumpia) and also plenty of bus links.

Off we went with 10 year old David and 7 year old Hazel who are both much more familiar with Doctor Who than I am and I had to enlist their help to label my pictures afterwards. We had not told them where they were going so it was a lovely surprise for them

I managed to recognise a Dalek and a couple of the doctors and the Tardis. Apart from that I was completely clueless and to be honest not very interested in Doctor Who, however I was curious to see how good the special effects would be and I certainly wasn’t disappointed

As soon as we entered there was a room of some of the characters and then we were ushered into a room where we saw a short film before walking into another room to await the Tardis which appeared before our very eyes on one side of the room. The cavernous interior was also extremely well done and the children were invited to control the Tardis which was broken.

We managed to escape only to be attacked on all sides by Daleks before escaping again into the exhibition full of costumes, props, a couple of tardis consoles, full size monsters and interactive push buttons, mirrors and plenty to amuse the children and their parents too

Photos are forbidden inside the show itself but there are plenty of opportunities in the exhibition. You can also enhance your experience with free wifi and a password if the day for explanations and shop special offers

Of course there is a shop at the end where you can buy anything from pocket money toys to some very desirable gadgets

The experience was fantastic and included props from 1963 to the present so no matter what age you are, you can identify with your particular era. I am so glad we went. Whether you are a a Doctor Who geek or a complete novice like myself, it is really well worth going but hurry, there are only a few weeks left

Prices are £18 adult, £7 child or £62 for a family ticket. They do limit the numbers by staggering half hour time slots from 1030 onwards except Wednesdays so it is best to book a time slot in advance


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