The impact of reduced baggage allowances

We squeezed all our belongings in just one suitcase to save paying a ridiculous amount for a second case, we thought about the weight of every item, didnt pack enough jumpers to save on weight so we managed to keep it to 19 kgs

Whilst in Tenerife we thought about the impact this must have on local craft shops. We looked at some beautiful pottery and tiles and knew that we could not buy them as presents as they weighed too much. We also thought about a nice pair of Spanish leather shoes and a decent handbag as a christmas present for my mum, but these were also out of the question. Even the lovely bracelets we saw in the market would have made lovely Christmas presents but we could only buy a couple because if we bought enough of them it would have tipped us over the weight allowance

Surely this multiplied by thousands of people in the same situation must have a huge impact on sales of almost anything except very light clothing. Shops in virtually every tourist area must be feeling the pinch and in particular local craft shops who rely on tourist sales to keep their businesses afloat

You can imagine how we struggled with one case each in New Zealand for a month. Thank goodness there is a launderette in nearly every hotel. We had to restrict our purchases very carefully

Thinking about the Americas and the Caribbean the problem is even more apparent as the weight allowance has decreased from 64 kgs in 2 cases to 23 kgs in one case for economy passengers

I think about all the lovely locally handmade things I have bought in markets over the years as little treats for my nearest and dearest. I think about the impact this must have on Caribbean markets especially from cruise ship visitors. Not only Europeans are affected by this, Americans have had their allowances reduced so if they have to fly to Miami to pick up their ship, they have to pay for luggage too


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