Design hotels

After a day of walking around World Travel Market we looked forward to sitting down and learning about Design Hotels

Design Hotels is a. Collection of Worldwide boutique hotels each built in unique styles to reflect the local character

As soon as we arrived at Il Botaccio in Grosvenor Place near Hyde Park Corner we realized that it was a standing and walking around event with canapés

Il Botaccio was also a very noisy venue where even a whisper echoed loudly across an overfull hall

After visiting a few of the stands including the famous Dolder Grand in Zurich, 101 in Reykjavik, Nordic Light Stockholm and Copperhill Mountain Lodge who shared a stand, Conservatorium Amsterdam, Hillside Su Antalya, Skeppsholmen Stockholm, Teatro in Oporto, Fresh in Athens, Yes also in Athens,  and Side in Hamburg, Klaus K in Helsinki,  their first hotel in Kenya, the Tribe in Nairobi and completing our quiz sheet we sat on the marble steps in the hallway

It was a real shame that both the choice of venue and format were badly chosen as we feel both the hoteliers and agents could have gained so much more from the evening in a less chaotic environment


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