Natural and man made disruptions

The past two years have certainly been particularly eventful with major natural and man made catastrophes

Even today 63,000 people have been affected by a crippling worlwide strike by Qantas. It is particularly hard for those stuck in the middle in expensive destinations like Singapore and hong kong either not being able to get home or to their destinations, but nowhere near as devastating as being in the middle if a natural disaster

This is not unlike the ash cloud, a completely different cause but the same effect. Thousands of people stuck all over Europe with no money. I myself had clients in Italy unable to get home for four days. They took it in good spirits and managed to turn it into an adventure while I was at the other end of the phone arranging last minute accommodation en route. I had to rearrange my own trip to Mauritius but that was no problem

I was also affected by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. I had clients who had spent months organising a long trip to Japan which they had to cancel. Another client had a lucky escape as they changed their plans and decided to travel to South America otherwise they would have been directly affected which happened while they were on holiday

I had another friend who was directly affected by the huge tsunami which affected the whole of Asia and tragically killed a quarter of a million people. Luckily he managed to hold on to a tree but he lost all his possessions

Another client avoided the ongoing floods and cyclones in the Far East which was their Plan A for their honeymoon but luckily they had a plan B to try Brazil which is what they chose in the end, otherwise they would definitely have had the most terrible and extreme weather conditions

The closest I have come to a natural disaster was the year we went to Cuba where the first week was idyllic and the second week we were given a hurricane warning and were stuck in our room for two days. Luckily it was downgraded to a tropical storm. I have been to the Caribbean many times in hurricane season and so far I have been lucky

Twice I have been affected by horrendous flights due to extreme weather conditions and many ling delays but I have also been on hundreds that have gone smoothly

I suppose if you travel as frequently as i do, the chances of being affected by a strike or extreme weather conditions at some point are increased but to put it into context it is a very small percentage and most situations can be solved somehow


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