The problem of Heathrow at capacity

Following an article in this weeks TTG, this follows what I have thought for the last few years

Heathrow is now at 98pc capacity with no hope of a third runway anytime soon, so the answers have to lie elsewhere

Gatwick now has a lot more routes than Heathrow and is the busiest single runway airport in the world. The problem with Gatwick is the lack of connections, however in some ways this is actually a bonus because it frees up capacity for more profitable routes.

Heathrow has several problems as a major hub, not enough runways causing delays, terminals too far apart means longer connection times, lack of transport at night and very early morning means having to pay a lot of money for taxis to and from the airport

All these factors mean that flights via Framkfurt and Amsterdam with 45 mins connection times and good connections from anywhere in the UK. Emirates, Etihad and Qatar have efficient connections from Manchester as well as London

Lack of investment in our airports along with huge APD charges will affect tourism to and through the UK. If it is both easier and cheaper to connect at another European airport then it makes sense to do so

I have long beloved that the answer lies in more direct flights from Scotland and the north of England. This would be a cheaper solution than building a new airport or runway and would also create employment in sectors directly and indirectly at those airports, food outlets, car parking, transport services, hotels and hospitality. It would also economise on fuel and provide quicker flying times using less fuel.

It seems that some airlines test a route from Manchester or glasgow for one season and then scrap it before it has had a chance to make a profit.

Thomas Cook cut nearly all its regional services last year putting more pressure on Gatwick and driving customers straight to their competitors

Part of the reason that Heathrow


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