I have had a lot of enquiries for Italy recently. People see different things in a destination and Italy is one of the few places that appeal for so many different reasons and to families, cruise passengers,

Rome, Florence, Venice are popular as city destinations.

Rome and Florence are rich in culture, art, music, history, wine and gastronomy

Venice is a romantic and unique city where streets are canals and buses are boats

Milan is known for style, fashion and La Scala the famous opera house, but there is history there too. The famous painting of The Last Supper can be seen next to the spectacular Duomo

The north is famous for the beautiful lakes and mountain scenery. The most popular is Lake Garda followed by Como and Maggiore.

Venetian Riviera is popular with families with its long sandy beach and proximity to Venice

In the winter the Dolomites are a popular ski destination

Tuscany is more renowned for its countryside and its vineyards and very popular with honeymooners

The Amalfi Coast must surely have one of the most stunning coastal drives. It also has nearby Pompeii and Herculaneum and I currently have an archaeologist who is keen to see the ruins. There is is also Vesuvius the volcano which was responsible for Pompeii

This part of Italy is also famous for its nearby islands Capri, Ischia and Stromboli. Further afield are the islands of Sicily and Sardinia

Italy also has several cruise ports and almost all European cruises stop at at least one of them, Genoa for Potofino, Civitavecchia for Rome, Livorno for Florence and Pisa, Naples, Sicily and Sardinia

Most of my clients do a multi centre trip as there is so much variety and I am currently working on a multi centre honeymoon

If you are interested in Italy please give me a call on 0845 058 7458 or email


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