Aloha Up and Over (Hawaii)

I always look forward to the Hawaii promotion and learning about this amazing and unique group of islands.

Although the 50th state of the USA it is 5 hours from San Francisco or Los Angeles in the middle of the Pacific

To get to Hawaii the main international airport is Honolulu and it is also possible to fly straight to Maui from San Francisco. From Honolulu there are short flights ti the other islands

Hawaii enjoys good weather most of the year round. The rainy and chilly season is during our winter months from December to February. It is a good honeymoon destination in our summer months when choices are limited

Oahu is the busiest and most densely populated island and includes honolulu, Waikiki and Pearl Harbour
LOST was filmed there, a new sci fi called Battleship and the new series of Hawaii Five O.

Hawaii, affectionately known as The Big Island is bigger than all the other islands put together and the most diverse with 11 of the 13 possible world climates from arid desert to lush rainforest. Hawaii has two airports Kona and Hilo, the worlds tallest mountain from top to base. Maunakea is an active volcano. It is one of the best places to see stars from north and south hemisphere. Hawaii also has lovely beaches and golf courses

Maui is a popular honeymoon island with two main resorts, the main town of Lahaina and the quieter and generally more upmarket Wailea. The resort of Hana East of Maui is virtually unknown.

Kauai is quieter and has some stunning beaches

Hotels grouos represented were Aston, Aqua and Hilton and individually Kahala, Makena Beach and Ka’anapali in Maui


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