Women in Business

Today I went along to the WIBN meeting at NH Harrington Hall which has a nice conference room venue with a professional layout.

Straightaway they were very welcoming and introduced me to some members.

The format is very similar to what I was used to at Athena, a short introduction, passing cards round the table, a monthly minute where I got the opportunity to chat about myself and what I do and listen to other businesswomen talk about themselves.

This was followed by two five minute talks about infertility and financial advice and planning, both very interesting

The group currently consists of Paula – bio energetics, Corrine – Personal trainer, Charlotte – Massage therapist, Dana – PR and marketing, Dolores – Chief Nursing Officer at Lister Hospital. Iolanda – Archtect, Jacqui – Financial Advisor, Janie – Property Consultant, Candace subbing for Lana – recruitment, Lesley – small business consultant, Margaret – Solicitor, Vanessa – trade association , Rosie – nutritionist. Visitors included Maria – career coach, Sarnia – interior designer, Prue – Yoga and Shirley – Dare2I online magazine

We ate lunch which was a prearranged choice. I chose the blue meal which was asparagus and mushroom risotto. It was tasty and well presented

After lunch we each talked about passing business round the table either to each other or indirectly to third party referrals

WIBN Kensington are keen to add a printer, graphic designer, handywoman and myself of course!

WIBN allows a visitor twice then you need to commit to joining. The fee is £240 a year then the lunch is £20. I have decided that this is definitely worth my while


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