Autumn Break in Elounda Crete

Here we are eventually in a beautiful and peaceful area of Crete. I am sitting on the balcony of the Alexandros family suite in Elounda Gulf Villas and Suites overlooking gardens blooming with bougainvillea, hibiscus, flamboyant and jasmine and the huge infinity pool and the sea beyond that, perfect

Getting here was a bit of a nightmare due to the Greek strike we were left on the tarmac at Gatwick for 3 hours and then the transfer took 3 hours, being the first on and the last drop off so despite leaving home at 3.30am we didn’t get here until 8pm. We have changed our return transfer to a speedy shuttle

It is early October, the sun is shining and it is still pleasantly warm, a lovely day for the 2km walk to Elounda itself. The walk along the seafront is much nicer than the road or getting a taxi.

Once in Elounda, it is really easy to get a boat trip to Spinalonga, the abandoned leper colony. TIP – buy this locally in elounda at the boarding point at a fraction of the prices charged by tour operators. Boats leave at least every half an hour and cost 10 euros return. On arrival there is a further 2 euro charge to get into Spinalonga. Spinalonga was a leper colony for centuries and a few of them married and had families on the island

Getting to Aghois Nikolaos (Ag Nik) is really easy by local bus and is very cheap compared to the taxi fare of 17 euros

We stopped in a couple of bars, the Eden on the main square and Hiona pool bar run by Lall an Arsenal supporter from Oxford and his wife Karen. Elounda is great for free wi fi and most of the hotels and bars seem to have this facility

There are some excellent restaurants in Elounda. We chose Ergospasio which has a really good choice of fish and vegetarian food. On our last night we found a lovely pizzeria called Ariadne and very reasonably priced again with a huge choice of vegetables.

I am very sad to leave Elounda after such a short stay and I will definitely return. This is one of the loveliest, friendliest places I have ever been to and suitable for couples and older singles. There is a huge range of accommodation from simple self catering apartments to lovely boutique properties like Elounda Gulf, several de luxe hotels and family properties.

Coming back we upgraded to a speedy shuttle and this meant being picked up at 1830 instead of 1700 TIP always book either a speedy shuttle or taxi transfer in Crete. Apparently 3 or 4 hour transfers are normal with a shuttle transfer however they are booked

If you would like to book your holiday to Greece there are always good deals early and late season please contact me on 0845 058 7458 or email


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  1. Absolutely fell in love with Ergospasio and the owner’s incredible hospitality. Loved Crete, I see you did too 🙂

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