Samoa and South Pacific

Another fantastic evening which started with wine and sandwiches and some much needed education about Samoa, an area I knew very little about apart from it’s fearsome rugby team and that it is a long way away in the middle of the Pacific

Something very noteworthy about Samoa is that it will be moving across the International Dateline in line with Australia and new Zealand. This will happen at midnight on 29th December so there will be no 30th December 2011. Could be a good trivia question in a few years time

Samoa consists of 10 islands including the 2 main ones, Upolu, capital Apia and the airport Faleolo. Upolu has the town and stunning beaches and coral reefs. There are also many spectacular waterfalls. The short presentation certainly tempted me into adding Samoa to my ever increasing wishlist

Upolu has a range of accommodation from very basic and very cheap to some very nice 5* properties with spacious rooms. There are no chain hotels in Samoa, they are all independently owned so they tend to be in a traditional style

Savai’i is bigger but wilder and has blowholes, mountains and stunning scenery. Savai’i is 90 mins by ferry from Upolu

Faleolo, the airport is 6 hours from Sydney and 4 hours from Auckland. There are also flights from Fiji, Brisbane and Honolulu

Samoa works best as a 2 centre with new Zealand, Australia or Fiji

The main selling points are that it is very affordable and the Samoan islands have stunning beaches and some wonderful scenery and birdlife. There is also a lot of interesting Samoan culture local word for this is fa’a and you shouldn’t miss a traditional fia fia dance during your trip.

Robert Louis Stevenson, the famous author of Treasure Island spent his final 4 years in Samoa and he is buried there

After the training we all had tickets for the stage production of South Pacific. I have never seen the film so I really enjoyed the touring musical stage production currently at Barbican. It was an excellent touring production with a small cast and I found myself humming along to familiar tunes like “Bali Hai”, “Some Enchanted Evening” “I’m Gonna Wash that man right out of my hair” and “Happy Talk”

If you would like a quote on Samoa and the South Pacific either on its own or as an add on please contact me or phone 0845 058 7458


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