Taste of PATA

PATA is the Pacific and Asia Trade Association. They repeated their successful taste of PATA at Borough Market. PATA covers a vast area from the Middle East all the way down to New Zealand

First of all we had to sign in. Numbers were strictly limited for safety reasons but sadly many people failed to turn up even though we were told it was oversubscribed with a waiting list.

There was plenty of street food and drink, burgers from the barbie, Indian and Chinese, Singha beer and New Zealand wines

We were each given a quiz sheet to complete as we went round the stands speaking to representatives from all the different nations.

We learnt that Emirates now have 15 flights per day from UK to Dubai and some of these are the new 380 so the numbers they carry through Dubai and worlwide are huge. I have flown on Emirates and they are definitely one of the better airlines

Australia had the most imaginative stand with deckchairs, blow up kangaroos and a huge koala. They also had a dart game where you had to locate different parts of Australia and throw the darts to the right place.

Next was Hong Kong and Macau. Macau, a previous Portuguese colony is still not well known in the UK Market. It is easy to get to by ferry from Hong Kong and it is shame it is forgotten. Hong Kong itself is changing all the time so always worth a visit. I have been twice but there is enough to do in Hong Kong and Macau now as a stand alone destination and not just a stopover

I wanted to learn more about Taiwan, another place not well known to the UK Market. China itself was also represented

India is becoming very popular and I will have the opportunity to visit next year. They also had some Indian food

Philippines is another destination that is not well known in the UK and deserves to be, but as with Bali, there is a lack of airlift from Europe

Thailand was also represented, popular year round either as a stopover in Bangkok or as a beach destination as weather patterns vary throughout the country so there are resorts suitable for summer and winter

The Pacific was well represented with Samoa, Cook Islands and Fiji. Fiji is a good summer destination as the weather is good then but you do need at least two weeks minimum as it is so far away. It is a particularly good add on to Australia or New Zealand

New Zealand were represented too, very much in the headlines at the moment with the rugby world cup and also for the earthquake. I went all round New Zealand in April/May. a very beautiful and diverse country

Of course I picked up a lot of useful information and maps from all the different areas and would be happy to plan and organise a holiday for you in the Asia and Pacific regions

Please feel free to contact me cathie.odea@travelcounsellors.com or call 0845 058 7458


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