The Aran Islands and Cliffs of Moher

Every three years we go to our clan gathering which centres around Dysert O’Dea castle in Corofin Co.Clare in Ireland. O’Dea’s O’Day’s Dees and Days from all over the world from as far afield as China and Australia and most are from USA.This time there were about 150 of us

We always have an outing and on previous gatherings we have been to limerick and cliffs of moher and this years was a choice of Cliffs of Moher or Inisheer. the smallest of the Aran Islands.

Inis Oir is the gaelic name for the smallest of the three Aran Islands and it means little island. Bill O’Brien operates trips from Doolin according to tides and weather. Knowing this was a very small boat we feared a rough ride. In fact we couldn’t have wished for a better day. The sun shone and the Atlantic was almost like a millpond

We arrived at Inis Oir to be greeted by a pony and trap offering us a tour of the island. The ponies looked really unhappy and the carts overloaded so we all agreed on principal that we would rather not, so we had a quick pint in the local and a walk around. The island isn’t that big so we still managed to see quite a bit

There are cars on Inis Oir, mostly battered wrecks. We felt that cars are really unnecessary on this tiny island and it’s time they introduced electric vehicles there

Inis Oir has a beautiful beach which was crowded with the unusually lovely weather.

Inis Oir has such a quaint and wild feel to it. There are fishing boats by the sea and ruins up on the hills, one or two pub restaurants.

We only had a couple of hours because timings are determined by tides so we had to go back early so as not to be stranded

What we did on our way back was a surprise and one of my most memorable experiences. The little boat went right up close to the base of Cliffs of Moher where thousands of seagulls and guillemots sat on the rocks. I have been to Cliffs of Moher before but to see them from underneath is truly amazing


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