India Honeymoon

A new honeymoon client called me wanting a honeymoon to India seeing the “Golden Triangle” Delhi, Agra and Jaipur followed by a week relaxation on the beach. The obvious choice is Goa which is the most convenient and cost effective

I am finding that more honeymoon clients want to do do multicentre holidays

Like many new clients she was a little apprehensive about how we work. For this reason I do prefer to meet my clients but this one was happy to deal by email.

Being a truly independent agent we can choose small Indian specialists with the best contacts in India. I always try several options as all clients have different requirements and there is no such thing as one size fits all, although I normally use a company called Transindus who have always given me extremely good service and I have got to know a few of them quite well over the years.

This sort of relationship with small specialist tour operators is one of things I enjoy most about being a Travel Counsellor. I really value their expertise and have learnt so much about India just by working with them on a few itineraries. I know that I can trust them to do a good job  for me,and my clients and give me the best deal as well. I also know that if anything goes wrong they have local offices and a team of experts on hand in India. They always give me useful and honest advice.  They also offer a visa service which is very useful and saves a lot of hassle.

There are many ways to tailor make an itinerary and I often do this confidently myself but places such as India and South America are so vast that I prefer to use an expert whom I can trust and who really know their ground handlers personally

Of course we deal with many other companies too, some big and some small.

If you would like some advice on your India plans visit Incredible India or contact me for more infomation or would like to book, please contact me

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