Last minute Bali

A new client contacted me because they hadn’t had a holiday for years and they fancied Asia for next week. It is rather difficult to get anywhere in Asia at this time of year because it is the rainy season, so the few places that do have good weather are both very expensive and quite full as well.

They wanted some culture and interest as well as relaxation so one of the places I suggested was Bali where it is actually peak season, the weather is excellent there at the moment with plenty of sunshine. I suggested they would like to combine a few days in Ubud up in the mountains followed by some time on the beach at Sanur which is close to Denpasaar so there are opportunities for reef cruises, elephant safaris, shopping, cookery demonstrations and visiting templesn (these can all be prebooked)

I phoned many tour operators and flights were extremely difficult and at first it seemed that Thai had the best deal on flights but all these tour operators only have a limited range of accommodation contracts, so I gave the clients a few options mostly well over budget. Only one tour operator offered the combination of hotels that they chose and they couldn’t offer any flight seats as they had increased by £500 overnight. They also said it was unlikely that they would secure the accommodation but wanted the full amount up front before they would check

After an extremely frustrating day of getting nowhere, I decided the only way forward was to find some flights myself and hold them off. As I am a homeworker I often find flights that have expired options after close of business as I work in the evenings

I struck lucky and found some British Airways flights with good connections at reasonable cost and held them. I requested the clients’ first choices of accommodation with a back up plan but time wasn’t on my side as Bali are eight hours ahead. They are never at work when we are so even with email it is almost impossible to get an immediate reply. Time wasn’t on my side as I could only hold the seats until this morning. I hoped beyond hope that I could secure the accommodation otherwise it would have been a very frustrating weekend of starting all over again

This morning miraculously both accommodations were confirmed so I pieced together an ATOL tailor made packagen with a 100% financial guarantee, well within budget and hundreds of pounds less than any of the tour operators so this was very rewarding for me and of course the clients were delighted. I don’t know who was happier, me or them!

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