Guards Polo Club

I was invited by Branding Latin America who have a stand in the International Village for the Cartier cup at Guards Polo Club in Berkshire

Having never been to a polo match and knowing nothing about it at all apart from it being played on horseback with mallets on the worlds largest playing surfaces I went to wikipedia first to learn a little about the game

Guards is right in the middle of Windsor great park and taxis from Egham go to international village. There are many tent stands selling arts and crafts, artifacts from the participating countries, a couple of tourist boards including Branding Latin America and of course stands selling polo shirts, headgear and mallets

Branding Latin America offered us cocktails and chocolates before the game and I met up with a few other agents

The polo field is behind the international village and it is huge. Before the match is a parade with horses, dogs and Brazilian dancers

This match between England and Brazil consists of four chukkas. It is a very fast game with frequent changes of horses, the ball is so small and the field is so large it is often difficult to work out what is going on but exciting to watch all the same

It was a perfect day the sun shone over Windsor and England beat Brazil 8-6


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