The Zulu Route

Kwazu Natal is not as well known as Cape Town and Garden Route here in the UK but it is probably more fascinating.

I went along to Shaka Zulu an absolutely amazing five million pound restaurant at the edge of Camden Market where African Collection invited Agents to learn about Kwazu Natal on the eastern side of South Africa.

Kwazu Natal stretches along the coast from the Eastern Cape and borders Swaziland, Mozambique, and Lesotho

The evening was organised by Ethos Marketing. We met representatives from Africa Collection who hosted the evening , South African Airways and several hoteliers that have propeties along the Zulu Route. Some of them came all the way over from Durban to join us

Kwazu Natal is promoting the Zulu route. I never realized how much there is to do in this region.

Everybody has heard of Zulu the film of the 1879 battle and this is the best known attraction. Sometimes there are reenactments staged, usually in Jamuary but these are more or less ad hoc

Apart from the battlefields, you can visit authentic Zulu villages and experience the local culture

There are over 400 species of birds, the world’s second highest waterfall, malaria free safari. two world heritage sites and blue flag beaches

Accommodation is of a good standard and is less expensive than in the Cape. Many of these are family friendly. There are some stunning boutique properties

To get to Durban is easy. South African airways have good connections daily via Johannesburg and Cape Town so you can have a twin centre with the Cape

Africa Collection have several different itineraries in their brochure, otherwise they can tailor make an itinerary especially for you

Thank you Africa Collection for inviting us to one of the best promotions ever. We learnt so much and had a wonderful evening at Shaka Zulu

Please contact me to find out more and organize your holiday


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