A Tourist in London

I often forget that I live in one of the most exciting cities in the world

The latest reminder was on my way to Victoria on Saturday where I had to go and meet a client.

Getting of the bus I had to trip over a few suitcases and pass three different guides speaking different languages and holding up different coloured umbrellas to show tourists round our wonderful city.

As often happens, it was raining heavily in Victoria but this did not concern my client as he was on his way to one of our many museums. He could also have gone to an art gallery, visited remnants of our historic past, seen a West End show or gone to some of historic shops, perhaps Liberty, Hamleys or Harrods and he could have done any of these without really getting wet

On a fine day you can gaze at our diverse architecture, Roman walls, our bridges, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, even modern wonders, the Gherkin and Canary Wharf at sunset, walks along the Thames and round the narrow streets of the City of London through some of the most beautiful parks and open spaces in Europe

We are also very culturally diverse having excellent and authentic ethnic cuisine. We represent every religion imaginable and if you need a sari for an Indian wedding, a bouzouki to play, Italian pasta to eat or a pan pipe CD to listen to, you will have no problem finding these in London either in one of the street markets on in one of the many specialist  shops in the heart of the city

Yes I am proud to be a Londoner.


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