The Art of Packing

Packing is something that is becoming more of a challenge as the luggage allowance diminishes. Is it actually possible to go on a two week holiday with 15kgs of luggage? The answer is yes if you are willing or able to do any washing, only wear tee shirts, shorts and flip flops while you are on holiday and don’t do any shopping whatsoever. Women generally find it harder to stick to the limit because we need more than one pair of shoes, we want at least one book to read, make up, a couple of dresses and skirts in case we go anywhere nice and we need twice as much underwear.

If you travel as frequently as I do, I can keep clothes that only wear on holiday in the suitcase like swimming costume beach dress and suncream so I don’t have to look for them at the last minute.

Another thing that I do is keep all necessary toiletries in a lunch box so they don’t leak or get squashed and it is a handy place to keep them

Keep all chargers etc and small heavy items like books in hand luggage and trainers/shoes on the way back if overweight. They rarely weigh Hand luggage as long as it will fit in the overhead

If you are touring a very small wheelie serves well as an overnight bag for everything you need and much easier to manage

Dedicate a couple of hours to packing without interruptions and really think what you need, or not

I have a simple rule, providing I definitely have passports, documentation, money, credit card, phone, camera, spare SD, chargers, batteries and adapters, guide book, undies, a couple of pairs of trousers, a couple of tops and my sandals, light showerproof jacket, anything else I can buy locally which explains why I have a collection of brushes from round the world!

Here is a story from a friend who doesn’t travel much and can’t pack and it was she who suggested I write this

She could have got a discount on the train, if only she had remembered her Freedom Pass

Got to the airport and asked if she had any liquids, creams, gels, pastes etc. Initially she said no and than remembered her make up

So I found liquids, pastes, creams gels galore and put them into a spare freezer bag.

Going through x-ray, she bleeped as she was wearing a large belt so of course she was frisked and then she was pulled for smuggling “a snow globe Or something” through. This turned out to be stuff to remove bags from eyes along with other contraband I had missed in the make up bag hunt.

She would have phoned home every day if only she had a charger…..

She would have worn her black top but had forgotten to pack her black trousers.

She went to soak her dentures and realised she had forgotten the Steradent. Apparently these cost about £1 in Tesco but over 14 euros inTenerife so whatever you do don’t forget the Steradent. This is an expensive mistake

She wanted a book to read and of course she forgot that too. Luckily I had two books so donated one but she got to the last chapter and left it somewhere. She also needed a bag to put the book and her jacket in

The first couple of days were cloudy, just as well as she forgot to bring sun cream!!

OK I am not pretending for one minute that I am squeaky clean. I had no clean socks so I only had one pair, I had to buy some in the market

I also forgot to bring a cardigan so I couldn’t wear my strappy dress. I was going to borrow hers but in the event it was a warm night so I didn’t, however the said cardigan was stolen from the room so neither of us went home with a cardigan

Things she didn’t pack – Freedom pass, Phone charger, trousers, denture solution, sun cream, the freezer bag for her liquids, a book, a towel, day bag…..

Things she did pack – 8 pairs of tights (no she didn’t wear any of them) Enough make up to last all of us for a year ( She didn’t wear it) Posh frock (unnecessary but she did wear it) Swimming costume (good intentions but after seeing me emerge from the pool freezing cold after two seconds, perhaps not…) Warm Jacket (very sensible) Black top to go with the black trousers that she didn’t bring

Things I forgot – Socks (I bought some in the market) A cardigan, shower gel (the hotel should have it shouldn’t they? They didn’t ….


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